Part of living a holistic and healthy lifestyle involves healing modalities like acupuncture. I have visited acupuncturists for the past twenty years for various reasons and I whole-heartedly endorse Meghan as a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner. My needs were met with effective treatment in a soothing and harmonious environment. Do yourself a big favor and get the tuning up your body deserves!
— R.E., 40, consultant
Meghan was the first person I’ve gone to for acupuncture and what a lovely entry point into the practice. Her attention to detail, care, steady hand and spirit immediately put me at ease. Had some of the deepest sleep I’ve had in years after a session with her. Would 100% go back to her anytime I’m in New York City.
— D.M., 33, attorney/entrepreneur.
Meg is phenomenal. I had never had acupuncture before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The entire experience was caring and gentle. The space is beautiful and relaxing. She consulted with me about my condition, and told me what I could expect to experience. I felt Meg was both knowledgeable and compassionate. By the time the treatment started, I felt calm. The experience itself was tranquil and easy. I left feeling tangibly better, yet relaxed and at peace. In the days since, I feel genuine improvement in my condition. I would absolutely see Meg again, and can recommend her to anyone looking for acupuncture.
— W.R.
Working with Meghan, who is gentle, informative and just an overall lovely human being, I experienced immediate relief. Since I had been trying and failing to find comfort using more traditional avenues, I couldn’t be more grateful to Meghan or more of a believer in the healing powers of acupuncture. The pain that used to cloud my day is largely gone and I haven’t felt this good in many years.
— J.R., real estate
Meghan is a wonderfully conscious human being who’s knowledge and intuition creates an atmosphere of trust and healing. I highly recommend!
— A.W., dancer
I must take a moment to rave about Meghan specifically. She is an intuitive and magical goddess. She has helped me through multiple injuries with extraordinary care and attention to detail. Her approach is gentle but full of confidence and skill. I trust her very much and highly recommend her.
— S.S., yoga instructor
Meghan is a QUEEN and a true healer. Panic attacks were a regular occurrence for me, and since I started seeing her for acupuncture I noticed that they lessened and then stopped completely. She’s also great with women’s health issues, specifically for me with period cramps. If you have anxiety, menstrual issues, or just want to work with a fantastic acupuncturist in a professional and friendly environment, Tigerlily and Meghan are the best.
— A.S., actress
I cannot speak more highly of my experience and results working with Meghan. Not only have I seen immediate results, but I enjoy going to see her - Meghan is professional, extremely knowledgable, and very delicate. As someone who doesn’t love needles, Meghan always makes me feel comfortable. Go see her!
— E.S.
Getting acupuncture here is such a calming experience. It has chill energy, always good music playing, and smells of essential oils. I usually work with Meghan, and would definitely recommend her. She spends time to understand what you’re going through body/emotionally/mentally before the treatment, and she devises really good treatments based on the initial chat. I’ve seen quite a few acupuncturists in NYC and in South Florida and Meghan is one of the best!
— A.L., reiki practitioner
Meghan is not only an incredible acupuncturist, but she is also an amazing and knowledgeable astrologer. She provided me with such a detailed, poignant, fascinating, and accurate reading. I am so appreciative for Meghan’s insight and healing.
— J.R.
I love getting acupuncture from Meghan! Her gentle touch and effective treatments always make me feel so much better, regardless what I am coming in for. What I like most is that she really listens to my concerns, and makes me feel at ease. She radiates passion and joy when she talks about East-Asian medicine and is clearly very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her for anything that ails you!
— S.S.
Amazing! I started seeing Meghan in January and have been coming back multiple times per month. She has helped me with my skin, nutrition, and regulating my cycle after going off birth control.
— K.C.
I love how awesome I feel after my acupuncture session with Meghan! I’ve been unusually tired lately and cannot believe my energy. I was so full of life today and feel highly motivated. Thank you, Meghan, I needed this.
— Q.K., 30, actress
I went in barely able to walk, herniated disc. After a few weeks of working with the talented, Meghan Sultana, I am back to normal! Not to mention the mental well-being benefits. I cannot say enough great things about Meghan, and am so grateful to her.
— J.A.
I just received an acupuncture treatment from Meghan and it was amazing! She listened to my concerns and then gave me a deeply relaxing treatment. She made sure I was comfortable and warm enough with both a heated table and a heat lamp. I feel the best I have in weeks and can’t wait to come back! The space itself is light filled, airy, serene, and peaceful.
— S.S.
I feel so grateful to have crossed paths with Meghan! I see her for acupuncture and when I found out she was also an astrologer, I knew I wanted a reading. She studied my chart before the session and how the transits of the next year will affect me. We discussed my chart in length. Her insights are accurate, and she clearly has a passion for astrology!
— A.L., 24