Astrology + Tarot Guidance for 2018

A changing of the guards is upon us. Slower-moving planets Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, and Uranus will each enter a new new sign, and thus, a new house in your natal chart. Outer planet contacts awaken signs and houses that haven’t felt their presence in years (or ever, for some) - this compels us to pay attention and change. What does Jupiter in Scorpio want to transform and grow? Where does Saturn in Capricorn demand focus and work? How will Chiron in Aries affect individual identity? What will Uranus in Taurus excite and wake-up? 

The Year Ahead Reading offers insights using astrology and tarot that will help you embrace the energies of 2018 so you can develop your intentions and manifest your vision. With this one-of-a-kind combination reading, find out where the energy is occurring so you can go with the flow and navigate 2018.

This reading includes:

  • An exploration into the major astrological events of 2018 and how they will affect your personal birth chart: planetary sign changes, retrogrades, eclipses, and major aspects for 2018.

  • Your Major Arcana tarot card for the year and insight on how to work with this archetype.

  • A channeled tarot-based Vision Reading that offers insight into your subconscious and steps for moving forward, a manifesting mantra and other magic tools to work with.

$150 - Contact here on how to purchase your Year Ahead Reading.

Registration closes November 24. Readings will be received by the end of December.

Astrology by Meghan Sultana, Tarot by Lauren Cucinotta